Factors to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Lime, Litter or Fertilizer Spreader

If you’re in the market for a new commercial lime, litter or fertilizer spreader this year, there are a number of factors to consider before investing in a new piece of equipment for your farming operation. Knowing what questions you need to ask and evaluating the benefits of the new piece of machinery are just some things to consider before making an investment. 

Read on to learn how you can determine which spreader is best fit for your farming operation. And contact us today to learn more, our agriculture experts are standing by and ready to help! 

5 Things to Know Before You Buy a New Fertilizer Spreader 

What Materials Do You Need to Spread?
Depending on what materials you’re spreading, make sure your machine is set up to handle them correctly. Lime, litter, gypsum, fertilizer and manure are different types of material with different density, consistency and moisture content. Not all spreaders can spread these materials successfully, so if you need to spread multiple materials you will want to make sure the commercial fertilizer spreader you choose is capable of doing the job.  

How Large Are Your Fields?
Capacity can make all the difference in saving you time and money, but you want to make sure you choose the right size spreader to suit your needs. At Lanco Spreaders, we have dozens of different models to choose from and offer a variety of sizes so you can find the spreader that is the right fit for your farm. Our large capacity spreaders can save a considerable amount of time for large commercial farming operations because you can cover more ground without having to constantly refill the hopper. If you have a smaller farm, our smaller models offer the same even spread patterns as our high output models and will help you maximize efficiency when spreading materials. 

Does Spread Pattern Matter?
Depending on the material you are spreading, and the size of your fields it could matter a great deal. If you have narrow fields and only make a few passes, a super-wide pattern might not be the best choice. However, if you have larger fields a wider spread pattern will help you do the job in less passes – saving time and freeing up manpower for other jobs that need to be done around your farm. Also, evenness of spread pattern is one key to maximize yield. So choose a machine with a very even pattern that will spread material precisely. Our revolutionary spinner design eliminates overapplication so you produce beautiful, healthy, high-quality crops every time.   

What Is the Warranty?
At Lanco Spreaders, we stand behind our machines with a best-in-class guarantee, but if you’re considering other manufacturers’ machines, you’ll want to check the details. A good warranty means that you can trust that your machine will be built with quality materials, by expert technicians, and that the manufacturer will stand behind their equipment for a lengthy time frame in case any issues arise. 

How Responsive is the Manufacturer?
Farm equipment gets used hard, and no matter which machine you choose you’ll likely have questions or need to make an occasional repair. That’s why it’s important to choose a machine from a manufacturer that has technicians standing by to help. At Lanco, we have a variety of common parts in stock and ready to ship, and our expert technicians are available to talk you through a multitude of maintenance tasks and fixes. We are committed to helping you get equipment up and running again and maximizing productivity on your farm!  

Ready to Purchase the Right Spreader for Your Operation?
No matter what your farming operation needs are, make sure you choose the right commercial fertilizer spreader that will help you spread material effectively and run your operation smoothly. So if you are thinking about purchasing a commercial fertilizer, lime or litter spreader, contact us today. Our experts are standing by to help you choose and customize the best machine for your unique operation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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