Litter & Lime Spreaders

Litter & Lime Spreaders

A variety of models to choose from, in 10 ton or 20 ton capacities, with sizes ranging from 355 cu. ft. up to 578 cu. ft.



Six sizes, up to 578 cubic foot capacity.

Lanco Litter/Lime Spreaders are built in Lancaster County to world-class standards, but our first step is to listen carefully to what farmers say they need. Then we deliver extra value using the highest quality materials and uncompromising workmanship.

Rugged and dependable Lanco Spreaders come standard with PTO hydraulic drive, delivering the performance and productivity you need. Some of our models are available in both 10 ton and 20 ton configurations.

Having the right capacity litter spreader for your application can make all the difference which is why the family of Lanco Litter/Lime Spreaders includes six sizes ranging from 355 cubic foot capacity to 578 cubic foot capacity. Click below to download and view the specific product details.

LS 3550
355 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 4000
400 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 4440
444 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 4880
488 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 5330
533 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 5780
578 cu. ft.
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Standard Features
  • Walking beam suspension
  • 16.5L x 16.1 10-ply tires on 10-ton units
  • Quick-latch spinner attachment
  • 12-volt apron on/off switch
  • PTO hydraulic drive, self-contained hydraulic system
  • Check valve coupler on spinners for free-wheel stopping
  • Double 28-inch spinner disks, made from 1/4” plate, six 10” blades per disk
  • 34” wide conveyor
  • 88K heavy duty pintle chain, with 3/8” thick slats
  • Apron slats spaced every other link (3.75”) for smoother spread patterns
  • Heavy duty no-rust, no-rot poly floor
  • 10,000 lb. capacity jack stand
  • Folding side access ladder
  • 12” x 8” “Load-View” window
  • Option for GPS electronic variable rate control
  • Truck mounts available
  • Ask about 10 ton and 20 ton models
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Model LS 4440 Gallery
Model LS 4880 Gallery


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