Lime & Fertilizer Spreaders

Lime & Fertilizer Spreaders

Multiple models to choose from with a variety of options. From 115 cu. ft. capacity all the way up to 230 cu. ft.



115-230 cu. ft. capacity – 5 Models To Choose From

That’s why the family of Lanco Lime/Fertilizer Spreaders includes 5-ton, 8-ton, 10-ton, and 12-ton sizes, each with both PTO drive or plug-in tractor hydraulic capabilities. We understand that when it’s time to spread it’s convenient to have a spreader that works with any available tractor.

For added versatility, Lanco Lime/Fertilizer Spreaders also handle fertilizer, pelletized products and more. Check out our various models in this line below, and click below to download and view the specific product details.

LS 1150
115 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 1680
168 cu. ft.
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LS 2000
200 cu. ft.
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LS 2300
230 cu. ft.
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Standard Features
  • PTO hydraulic drive
  • Walking beam suspension
  • Hopper capacity: 115 cu. ft. – 230 cu. ft.
  • Hopper length: 7’-15’
  • Max gross weight: 8,300 lbs. – 26,000 lbs.
  • 16.5L x 16.1 10 ply tires standard on 8-ton models or larger
  • Multiple quick change spinner options available to tailor your spreader to your product.
  • Quick latch spinner attachment
  • 12-volt apron on/off switch
  • 3.25” spaced apron slats for smoother spread patterns
  • 35 gal. hydraulic tank / 30 gal. hydraulic tank
  • 5,000 lb. or 8,000 lb. capacity jack stand (depending on model)
  • Removable spindle – for easy maintenance and less “down time”
  • Truck mounts available
Model LS 1150 Gallery

Model LS 1680 Gallery

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