Which Commercial Fertilizer Spreader is Right for Your Operation?

Over the years we have worked closely with farmers to design our commercial fertilizer spreaders to tackle the most common lime, litter and fertilizer spreading applications. But throughout the years we also have learned that one size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to spreading. Some operations have unique needs, and we’re proud to be able to deliver custom solutions!  

Read on to learn how we can help you choose the right fertilizer spreader for your farm, or help you design a custom spreader for just about any application.  

Small Farms
If your farm has a smaller footprint, our LS1750 fertilizer spreader might be the perfect solution. With a lower weight than our larger machines, it can be pulled with a 65-horsepower tractor. And with a payload up to approximately 14,000 pounds, it can still carry enough material to make quick work of spreading fertilizer on small and mid-sized farms. 

When it comes to spreading lime and fertilizer, our LS1150 or LS1680 machines are popular choices. Both have interchangeable spinners that allow you to easily switch from fertilizer to lime configurations, and start at approximately a 5-ton payload. These machines also can be pulled with as little as a 65-horsepower tractor. They’re perfect for smaller operations where budget and tractor size are a consideration. 

Mid-size to Large Farms
For mid-size to larger farms, our LS1750 is still a popular choice when it comes to spreading fertilizer, but our LS4000 lime and litter spreader also is a popular model. This machine can spread chicken litter or lime, and includes an adjustable spinner system that can handle both materials. The LS4000 has a higher capacity than our smaller machines, and requires a larger tractor. For mid-size farms, this machine will help you spread material quickly and efficiently, without breaking the bank. 

Largest Commercial Farming Operations
Most large, commercial farming businesses who need to spread the highest quantities of material choose our LS7000 High-Output Spreader. This manure spreader for very large farms features a 40,000-pound payload for covering even the largest fields with minimal refills. Our LS7000 is overbuilt with high-quality steel, as well as durable parts and components, so it is sure to hold up under even the toughest conditions and heaviest usage. 

Custom Options
To make our machines easier to use, we offer a variety of options. From camera systems that show the operator what’s spreading and what’s left in the machine, to Digistar scale systems that monitor weight so you know how much is loaded, and beyond. We can configure multiple axels, paint machines custom colors and so much more. In fact, because we design and manufacture our machines at our Pennsylvania facility, we can help you customize the perfect machine for your unique application no matter what it might be. Just contact our friendly team of experts today, and we’re happy to help. 

Let Us Know What You Need
Whether you are looking to go with a standard model or you have an idea for a customization you would like to explore, we are here to help. Our engineers have decades of experience working with farmers across the country, and have successfully put many custom machines into the field. We can recommend the perfect solution for your unique farming operation. Contact us today! We look forward to working with you.  

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