High Output Spreaders

High Output Spreaders

Model LS 1800
180 cu. ft. capacity  

Model LS 3150 
315 cu. ft. capacity  

Model LS 7000
700 cu. ft. capacity  



For the most material demanding applications.

Lanco Spreaders’ High Output series is designed to live up to its name. Twin webs allow for material to be fed out of the 78”-wide opening and into the teeth of massive 18”-diameter horizontal beaters. From there, spinners spread your material evenly across the pattern.

With such a wide width and no “V” in the sides, bridging is impossible. Click below to download and view the specific product details.

LS 1800
180 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 2400
210 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 3150
315 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 3850
385 cu. ft.
view specs

LS 7000
700 cu. ft.
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Standard Features
  • Twin Webs with chain
  • Reversible Beater teeth – wear ’em down, flip ’em and keep going!
  • Hydraulic Endgate
  • Twin Beaters
  • Direct drive PTO spinners
  • Tow lights
  • Spring axles for LS-7000
Model LS 1800 Gallery
Model LS 3150 Gallery

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