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When it comes to maximizing productivity and saving money and time around your farm, it’s important to invest in a commercial-grade lime, litter and fertilizer spreader that will help you do more work faster and with less labor. For this reason, we’ve teamed up with farmers to design and build commercial spreaders that efficiently and quickly tackle some of the most common spreading applications.

At Lanco, we are confident that we have a model for you. From litter and lime spreaders to lime and fertilizer spreaders to litter and shaving spreaders, keep reading to learn about our machines and see how our team can help you choose the right model for your unique application. 

Small-Size Spreaders

Our Lanco small-size spreaders are best-suited for smaller applications where budget and tractor size are important to consider. If you oversee a farm with a smaller footprint, our LS 1750 fertilizer spreader features a 10,000-pound payload and is lighter than our high-output models, allowing you to make quick work of spreading. Similarly, our LS 1150 and LS 1680 lime and fertilizer spreaders feature five-ton payloads and are equipped with interchangeable spinners that allow for easy switching between fertilizer and lime configurations. If you’re looking for a spreader that can help you get work done quickly and accurately without breaking the bank, many operations opt for our small-size models.

Mid-Size Spreaders

Mid-size to larger farms may consider two popular Lanco models that can help you save time and get more work done with less labor: our LS 2040 fertilizer spreader and our LS 4000 lime and litter spreader. Both models feature higher capacities than our smaller spreaders, and they deliver world-class performance without sacrificing durability, speed or precision. Designed with heavy-duty construction to last longer than comparable brands, we build our Lanco mid-size spreaders to also require less maintenance with more user-friendly features.

High-Output Spreaders

Our high-output spreaders such as our LS 7000 are capable of handling the highest quantities of material in a wide pattern with minimal refills. If you oversee a large commercial farming operation, our high-output spreaders can spread nearly any material and come in five standard sizes ranging in capacity from 180 cubic feet to 700 cubic feet . Even better, we design and build our machines with long-lasting, heavy-duty components and parts to ensure they will hold up under the toughest conditions and heaviest usage. 

Custom Options

At Lanco, we’re happy to work with you to customize a commercial spreader that will meet your unique needs. We offer options to help you make the most of your machine, including standing hoppers that provide additional storage for other materials, truck mounts that are capable of traveling longer distances, camera systems that allow you to see your remaining capacity and current spread pattern and scale system packages that accurately monitor your weight load. From narrow orchard and vineyard models to custom finishes and paint, we’re confident that we have a custom solution for your application.

Ready to Learn More?

At Lanco, we offer a number of high-quality, durable commercial-grade lime, litter and fertilizer spreaders for every budget and need. Whether you’re looking to invest in a new machine or you have questions about our custom options, contact us today. Our team is standing by to help and recommend the perfect spreader for your unique farming application. We look forward to working with you!

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